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How to Be Motivated and Make Most of Today

The important part of planning for the week includes focusing on today. When you start the week with the right perspective, you can go far in changing the outcome of your day and ultimately the entire week. Here’s how you can do it. Advertisements


Make Your Own Summer Movie

Instagram  is known for being the perfect platform to take picturesque selfie. Yet, you don’t have to be a film-making expert to shoot a beautiful keepsake of your holidays, but some pointers would help. Pictures capturing all of the little memories from this summer and locking them away into a film, to look back on […]

How to Achieve Mindfulness

Fall is here! One of my favorite ways to be mindful in everyday life is to watch the falling leaves. Trying to fit a mindfulness meditation practice among the hustle and bustle of everyday routine can be a challenge. It’s about finding a lifestyle that suites you.